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I have worked on commercials, advertisements, and social media campaigns for companies such as Gatorade, AT&T, Google, TikTok, Turbotax, Khiel's, Jabra Headphones and Sage  - as well as several prominent politicians.


  • Assistant Editor, commercials for Gatorade, AT&T, Turbotax, Sage and RBC (Cycle Media, 2023-2024)

  • Editor/Animator, series of educational videos for TikTok Shop (2024)

  • Editor, commercial for Jabra Headphones featuring celebrity spokesperson Marc Roberge of O.A.R. (Two Truths Productions, 2023)

  • Junior Editor, political advertisements for governors, senators, & congressmen across the country during midterm elections (DDMG, 2018)

  • Editor, videos for Khiel's celebrity fundraiser "Kiss for the Cure" (A76 Productions, 2017)

  • Production Assistant, campaign for (A76 Productions, 2015)

  • Production Assistant, commercial for Opdivo (Bristol-Myers Squibb Films, 2014)

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