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"Directed by Jameson Mangan, the video is an eye-popping kaleidoscopic collage that finds Bootsy and his collaborators breezing through the upbeat funk jam. The psychedelic visuals are put to particularly perfect effect when Castro appears to unleash his dazzling guitar solo." - Rolling Stone (READ HERE)

"Directed by Jameson Mangan, the video captures the song’s essence perfectly, taking the viewer on a colorful journey through time and space that evokes every emotion imaginable. While the video’s theme is, of course, the passage of time, Mangan highlights its relativity, juxtaposing images of prehistoric creatures alongside a disco beach party, or astronauts floating through Ancient Mayan edifices. The very idea of a linear time structure is thrown away in favor of a less tangible interpretation of the concept. Aside from the interplay between the song’s meaning and the abstract imagery in the video, “Timebomb” comes at a perfect time, given the current global climate." - Live For Live Music (READ HERE)

"The prog-fusion rockers provide an eccentric visual compendium in the official music video for their new single, “Think,” where a dynamic array of blissful visuals, symmetry, and clear-hearted expression emerges. Introducing a refreshed and vibrant soundscape, “Think,” induces feelings of focus, drive, and introspection." - (READ HERE)

Andy Frasco & The U.N. shared a new single on Wednesday, titled “Friends (A Song About Friends)”, via Fun Machine Records. The single was followed on Friday by a colorful new video for the track. On this latest single, Frasco reflects on friendship and the important role it plays in our everyday lives; both physically and mentally. Known for their raucousness and disregard for authority, “Friends (A Song About Friends)” highlights a different aspect of the band—their love of life and the good people around them." - Live For Live Music​ (READ HERE)

““I love this as a visual representation of the song,” guitarist/vocalist Nick MacDaniels says of their latest video. “The surfing footage is very symbolic of the lyrics – learning how to ride the waves of life.” Take to the waves and ride away from the winter blues with BIG Something’s colorful new, Jameson Mangan-directed lyric video for “The Breakers” below:” - Live For Live Music​ (READ HERE)

Today we premiere a dynamic animated video for “Sundown,” from the forthcoming record. Banjo player Torrin Daniels tells Relix, “When I finished this song, I had been working on this riff for quite a while in a sort of banjo-metal fashion. I wrote the lyrics during those “peak quarantine” days in the Spring of 2020, and the verses definitely reflect my mental state at the time. The phrases about time receding and the hourglass running slow reference the elasticity of time, and how our minds can warp when we’re confined to one space physically. I think almost everyone can relate to that now.” - Relix (READ HERE)

“New Orleans funk powerhouse Dumpstaphunk has released ‘Where Do We Go From Here,’ their first full-length in seven years, and undeniably the most powerful and politically pointed album of their career. To celebrate today’s release, the band is unveiling a music video for the album’s title track, which speaks to the overall themes of the project. - RockNLoadMag (READ HERE)

“The clip, directed/produced by Dani Barbieri and starring Chris Brouwers as the Frasco Eggplant and Casey Dworkin as the Peach, follows the couple through the highs and lows of cohabitation in Brooklyn in the age of COVID. Day by day, they learn to live together, learn to live with themselves and, eventually, help each other rediscover the outside world once again." - Live For Live Music​ (READ HERE)

“The “Plug” video features footage from various 2019 Big Something concerts. Mangan put it together in a way that takes viewers on a psychedelic trip in and out of the band’s shows. “Like the visuals in the video, the lyrics to this song are kind of abstract and deal with illusions we create in our minds,” explained Big Something’s Nick MacDaniels. “I think it can be interpreted a lot of different ways but for me personally it’s about the struggle to hold on to reality within yourself.” - JamBase (READ HERE)

“Along with the album’s release, Dumpstaphunk has also shared a new music video for the title track. As frontman/keyboardist Ivan Neville explained in a statement along with the track’s initial release, “’Where Do We Go From Here’ really comes more from my perspective on life in general, than being specifically about Katrina or the unprecedented events of the last 6 months. “The song remains an optimistic point of view towards facing the challenges of the future and the unknown.”” - Live For Live Music (READ HERE)

Throughout the 52:15 minute album, fans are greeted with the familiar imagery found on the Escape videos, which have included performance footage from the livestreams. Edited together as a cohesive whole, the album acted as the band’s first full-length studio effort since 2018’s The Otherside. The new video shared on Thursday was co-produced by BIG Something alongside Jameson Mangan, and features a mix of grainy, retro-inspired outer space visuals combined with some of the song’s lyrics." - Live For Live Music (READ HERE)

“Our favorite dance-partyin’ costume-wearin’, podcast-hostin’, monologue-inspirin’, and song-writin’ aficionado is back at it…and on his birthday no less! Andy Frasco announces Andy Frasco and the U.N.’s new record titled “Wash, Rinse Repeat” on April 8th.” - Compose Yourself Magazine (READ HERE)

"VIDEO: Nicky Egan Drops Her New Music Video 'This Life'" - (READ HERE)

“"Through this, I found who I am and what I like a little more as I’m getting older. I’m just trying to be friends with my brain again.” Speaking of friends, in the Dani Barbieri-directed video for the title track, an eggplant (played by Chris Brouwers) and a peach (Casey Dworkin) make a few." - (READ HERE)

“...What they have in common: Neither one seems like a particularly good idea. Unlike these 40 new singles, videos, cover tunes and whatnot, which are absolutely unimpeachable. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks...Kitchen Dwellers: Sundown - Tinnitist​ (READ HERE)

“Dumpstaphunk have shared a brand new music video for their song “Where Do We Go From Here"...“We hope people can hear the new songs and are inclined to dance, and inspired to think at the same time,” keyboardist/singer Ivan Neville previously said of the new release."  - Relix Daily 7 (Via (READ HERE)

“There is a unique phenomenon that occurs when one sees black and white footage of the Civil Rights movement that gives the impression that these events were so long ago. In reality, however, many of the crusaders who fought for equal rights are still alive, and this effect only serves to further the antiquated notion that the struggle for equality was resolved back in the 1960s. But this psychological illusion is dispelled as the footage switches to present-day video of Black Lives Matter protests from the summer of 2020, also presented in black and white.


I was looking for a creative way to frame this footage, both literally and metaphorically,” director Jameson Mangan said on Instagram. “I was aiming to compare two separate movements in two very different times in order to highlight just how far we have left to go as Americans. That’s when I stumbled across some old stock footage of two men demonstrating optical illusions.” - Live For Live Music (READ HERE)

“Dopapod returns today with the band’s first new music in two years, “Think”. Premiering exclusively via Live For Live Music, the song arrives along with an accompanying music video just as the band begins a fall tour tonight, October 20th, in Saratoga Springs, NY. The Berklee College of Music-bred quartet’s first new output since 2019’s Emit Time arrives like a freight train courtesy of Rob Compa‘s driving guitar riff. The structure soon takes place as a densely orchestrated composition, leaning hard on the group’s prog influences. - Live For Live Music​ (READ HERE)

“Andy Frasco & The U.N. has a lot of news to share. First and foremost, the band has announced that they will be releasing a new LP, set to release April 8. To celebrate the announcement, the band released the titular track of the album accompanied by a music video. - (READ HERE)

"BIG Something recently released a new official music video for their song, “Plug”, which appears on their fifth full-length studio release, The Otherside. The fan-made visual experience was put together by Jameson Mangan and contains on-screen lyrics, animations, and live performance footage with psychedelic themes woven throughout—taking viewers on a trip in and out of a BIG Something show." - Live For Live Music​ (READ HERE)

"Jam quartet Dopapod recently unveiled the new single “Think” and an accompanying video. The hard-hitting track marks the first new music from the group since their 2019 album Emit Time. Watch Dopapod’s “Think” video filmed and edited by Jameson Mangan below" - JamBase​ (READ HERE)

“BIG Something has shared a nostalgic, cosmic-inspired lyric video for “Machines”, one of the new original songs which appeared on the band’s Escape album released back in October. Similar to their video for “Afterglow”, BIG Something launch viewers into orbit with help from animated visuals themed around outer space mixed in with archive video footage and still images from their personal archives–particularly focusing on their late lyricist/collaborator, Paul Interdonato. Grainy, retro-inspired video footage is mixed in throughout while the song’s relaxed music and tempo guide the viewer through an interstellar-like experience.” - Live For Live Music (READ HERE)

“On this latest track, Kitchen Dwellers put their slamgrass style on full display. The bounce from upright bassist Joe Funk gives the single its center, as banjo picker Torrin Daniels‘ biting lyricism gives the roots band a punk edge. Watch the Jameson Mangan-directed animated video for Kitchen Dwellers’ latest single, “Sundown” - Live For Live Music​ (READ HERE)

“Andy Frasco and The U.N. return with the new studio album Wash, Rinse, Repeat due out on Fun Machine Records on April 8. The Los Angeles-based band released the title track from the 12-track LP today along with a video for the song."  - JamBase (READ HERE)

“‘Where Do We Go From Here’ is a sharply relevant statement, even more-so than the group anticipated during writing and recording sessions just prior to the unprecedented events of the last year. The band released the album’s title track “Where Do We Go From Here” in August 2020, to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, earning praise from the New York Times for its “slinky funk backbeat” and “gospel determination.” - MNPR Magazine (READ HERE)

“Released two weeks after the album, the video, produced and directed by Dani Barbieri with Two Truths Productions, showcases the trio in its natural habitat, making beautiful, heartfelt music together on stage at State Theatre of Ithaca in Ithaca, NY. Film-stylized of the band sound checking in an empty theater and then performing for a packed house offer a complementary backdrop for the video and song, which compare living life on the road to being a kind of spiritual pilgrim."  -Live For Live Music (READ HERE)

"The first song written for ‘The Arcade’, “In the Clouds” set the tone for the album’s wide-eyed musical exploration. The accompanying video, starring Barstool Sports’ John Feitelberg, celebrates happiness and the gift of imagination" (READ HERE)

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